BYE, BYE BIRDIE in Concert!
October 20-23 2016
The Just Off Broadway Theatre

“Bye, Bye Birdie”, Directed by Annette Cook, with Musical Direction by Stephanie Henry.

It is 1960, and a chorus of young girls energetically sings the praises of rock & roll idol Conrad Birdie. At Almelou Music Corp. in New York, Conrads managers, Albert Peterson and Rosie Alvarez (whove been dating for years), learn that their client has been inducted into the army. Though shed prefer that Albert settle down and become An English Teacher, Rosie concocts a plan: as a publicity stunt, Conrad will bid a typical American teen-age girl goodbye with a public farewell kiss. Rosie randomly selects the name of the lucky girl: fifteen-year-old Kim McAfee of Sweet Apple, Ohio.

In this Mid-Life Players concert production, seasoned KC performers drink from the fountain of youth to bring this beloved musical – one that many of them performed in their teens – to the stage of the Just Off Broadway Theater.

Directed by Annette Cook
Music Directed by Stephanie Henry

Albert Peterson – Dan Prather
Rose “Rosie” Alvarez – Franci Talamantez
Conrad Birdie – Curt Knupp
Kim MacAfee – Joy Richardson
Mr. Harry MacAfee – Bill Bergman
Mrs. Doris MacAfee – Susan Neu
Randolph MacAfee – Rod Chapin
Mae Peterson – Ruth Bigus
Hugo Peabody/Karl – Donnie Miller
Ursula Merkle – Andrea Hobley
Harvey Johnson/The Mayor/Ed Sullivan – Gary Barber
Gloria Rasputin – Becky Clark
Fred/Maude – Tim Thomas
Helen/The Mayor’s Wife – Danise Deckert
Alice – Nan Lippincott
Deborah Sue – Corrine Bakker
Nancy – Sharon Johnson
Penelope – Kate Elcock
Suzie – Kate Narboneta
Margie/Mrs. Merkle – Kim Sheek