A BIG thank you to all who came out to audition for “A Chorus Line” and Congratulations to the cast!

Zach- Bob Allen
Alan- Craig Aikman
Bebe- Joy Richardson
Bobby- Curt Knupp
Cassie- Julie O’Rourke Kaul
Connie- Kate Flores
Diana- Franci Talamantez
Don- Brian Adkins
Gregory- John Edmonds
Judy- Sharon Mcmurtry Johnson
Kristine- Sara Crow
Maggie- Catherine Coleman Boone
Mark- John Van de Voort
Mike- Mitch Simmons
Paul- Dudley Hogue
Richie- Andrea Hobley
Sheila- Kay Noonan
Valerie- Lisa Hickock
Ensemble – Corinne Mullins Bakker, Charlotte Foster Melson,
Dan Prather